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Innovation can only be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach, research, experimentation, and collective actions. Take advantage of over 20 years of experience and knowledge of different industries, products and problems.

Our place is wherever specialists from different disciplines are working at the same time in different places on implementing your ideas and products. Our job is to identify and solve both technical and operational problems.

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Articles and Publications

Below, find a selection of articles published with our partners on various topics and research projects:

Wireless Direct Pressure Sensing with SAW Devices at Elevated Temperatures
(G. Bruckner, P. Szász, J. Bardong, S. Oschkera / 2018)

MSC Nastran SOL 400 Konvergenzsteuerung
(S. Oschkera, A. Sippel, C. Thieme / 2018, available in German only)

In-Orbit Verification of an Optical Frequency Reference on the ISS Bartolomeo Platform
(Thilo Schuldt et al. / 2022)