The following is an excerpt from our client list in the transport sector, with short descriptions of project contents.

Clients and Partners

CARVATECH Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmbH
Lohnerwerke GmbH
Scheuwimmer Fahrzeugbau GmbH
System 7 – Railsupport GmbH

Excerpt From Reference Projects

Automated People Mover (USA, South America, UK and Russia)

Scope: Systems engineering support, interdisciplinary development support, identification and implementation of normative requirements, development planning, system analyses, technical documentation, verification tests, interfaces with designated bodies and clients, quality and product assurance, change management

With the development team: Support with bid preparation, standards analysis and application (EU v. US), development and construction, technical documentation, subsystem specifications for HVACs for passenger and electronic compartments, door drive and locking systems, bellows, interior lighting, glazing, seats, coating, structural components in glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), verification planning and testing (e.g. fire tests, cooling performance, etc.) and factory acceptance tests (FATs); safety analyses (FMECA); operating and maintenance manuals; interface to suppliers (including audits), notified bodies and clients

Applicable standards: ANSI/ASCE, NFPA, ASTM, ASHRAE, EN, ISO

Structural analysis of cable car

Scope: Support with definition of structural concept, FE analyses, calculations report for licensing

With the development team/partner: Structural design inputs; linear static and fatigue element analyses; structural design of the vehicle, door panels, glazing, bonded joints, stanchions, jacking points; definition of inspection points on cabins and chassis; interface to notified body

Applicable standards: EN

Stiffness optimization of semitrailers

Scope: FE analyses for stiffness optimization

With the development team: Optimization of existing frame designs

Vibrational characteristics of an electric scooter

Scope: Rigidity and resonant frequency analyses, inputs to mechanical design of the main frame

With the development team: Stiffness testing, support with development of frame design