A Broad Vision of the Future


SYENTEC – Systems Engineering and Technology
Our philosophy and vision

“I think, the beauty is, that many of our customers and partners, they’re passionate with a project, and the project is to finish up something, but as they finish up, they’re already reflecting on the next project. So there really is that sort of continuity for us with the product, but also with the customer. So we see that generation thing going along, and long periods of time working with people as we do projects with them on a regular basis – and that’s what we’re about.”

Stefan Oschkera, Managing Director

15 Years of Heritage

Infrastructure and Tools

Given the broad range of tasks involved, we rely on software tools and programs which have established themselves as industry standards in various areas.


Siemens/UG NX

Finite element analysis (FEA):

MSC Patran and MSC Apex (model build and post-processing)
MSC Nastran (analysis solver)
MARS (bolted joint analysis)

Static and dynamic analyses, buckling, resonant frequencies, shock, nonlinear analysis of components and assemblies, contact and thermal analyses; materials database (reference data). Further information is available here and in the references section.

Requirements Management:


Capturing, tracing, analysis and managment of technical requirements

Templates and corporate processes:

Data Management
Configuration and change management
Development and product documentation

Siemens NX

MSC Patran

Quality Policy and Certifications


Client satisfaction and long-term partnerships are firm elements of our corporate vision. We are accordingly committed to ongoing development and improvement of ourselves and our services. To ensure compliance with client-specific and normative requirements and to maintain our good reputation, our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Social Commitment

Social Commitment

SOS Children’s Villages provide children and adolescents from broken homes care, support, security and encouragement. We are therefore pleased to be able to provide a small contribution to the future of a child in Nepal with a SOS child sponsorship – building and maintaining long-term and sustainable partnerships should be more than just a slogan.